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Is Dedicated Hosting a Better Deal For You?

Many companies think that they can't afford dedicated hosting. A dedicated server is one that is, as it's name implies, dedicated to a single customer. That means that all the resources belong to that customer, and there is no chance of another company's activities slowing down your response time or crashing the server. When you want to jump into the big leagues, it's time to consider dedicating hosting.

Although dedicated hosting is definitely more expensive than a shared server, it's not incrementally that much more expensive. For example, on a shared server with excellent features you can expect to pay around $7.95 to $19.95 per month (most of our recommended affordable hosts are at the bottom end of that price range). A dedicated server can cost you approximately 10 times that amount.

However, consider that when you are ready for dedicating hosting, you are probably at that point because you either are consuming a larger amount of resources, or because you have multiple web sites. On a dedicated server you can usually host multiple domains. I have my sites on a dedicated server, and my hosting company tells me that I could probably have 300 domains without a problem (what that says to me is that number is how many domains they put on their shared servers). However they don't know what my domain's activities will be like, and neither can I forsee the future as far as traffic and bandwidth requirements. As I type these words, I currently have around 15 separate web sites, all residing on the same dedicated server. So dividing the cost of the dedicated hosting plan by 15, it gives a very affordable cost per site.

When I upgraded from the shared hosting plan to the dedicated hosting plan, my hosting company increased my bandwidth allotment from 40 GB to 1200 GB. I suspect there is no way I will be able to consume that much bandwidth, but it's nice to know it's there.

Using a dedicated hosting plan does put all your eggs in one basket, so to speak. If the server is down, all the sites are down (but then again, when the server is up, which should be at least 99.9% of the time, all your sites are up). Assuming you choose your dedicated host wisely, extended or primetime downtime will seldom happen . One thing using dedicated hosting does is allow you to purchase software and share it across domains. For example, if you purchase a script to perform a specific function, you can install it once and share it (subject to license restrictions, of course), with all the domains on the dedicated server. If you had multiple domains hosted separately, you'd probably have to install the script on all the separate domains (and installing updates to the script would become sort of a nightmare).

Perhaps dedicated hosting isn't for you yet, but if your Internet business grows, it's nice to know that the host you select today gives you an upgrade path that will allow you to convert to that option in the future. When you choose your host, look for that flexibility if you think you might need it in the future.

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Quick specs (but check out the site yourself, competition forces frequent changes): $7.95/month ($6.66/month if you prepay for 12 months), 1000 MB storage, 5 GB bandwidth (per day, not per month like the others), FTP, CGI, SSL, 650 email accounts, PHP, MySQL, PERL.

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Quick specs (but check out the site yourself, competition forces frequent changes): $7.83/month (less on a 2-year prepay), 800 MB storage, 20 GB bandwidth, FTP, CGI, SSL, 1000 email accounts, PHP, MySQL, PERL, ASP. The thing to note about this plan is you can have up to 4 domains hosted for the same price, all sharing the same storage!

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